DLRScript 0.2a

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Released: Feb 27, 2008
Updated: Feb 27, 2008 by DevTheo
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Release Notes

Ok, I made a few changes from yesterday's release.

Here's the couple breaking changes:
  • I renamed the DomHelper object to jsapi (within your scripts). I did this because I decided that I really didn't like the original name and my goal with this object is really to expose a bit of functionality to you that already exists in client-side JavaScript
  • I made some changes to the document object (more on that in a sec) and changed the functions properties to camel-case

Here's the improvements:
  • there are 3 new objects the prop up the client-side. In 0.1, I was having problems with the being able to write properties of the DOM objects, so you get the value of say the innerHTML property but couldn't write to it or really make any additions at all. I ended up wrapping the standard HtmlObject, HtmlElement, and HtmlDocument objects with my own class. This let's me do things like
    • added "text" property to all Dom object (and this property works cross-browser)
    • reading and writing to properties now works
    • reading and writing to style attributes should now work
    • reading and writing to tag attributes should now work
    • adding and removing child elements (or new elements) is now possible
    • detaching of events is now possible
  • jsapi now support confirm, prompt, alert, and eval. eval (against JavaScript or DOM items is now possible) is still not acting 100% correct (I can't get my alert test to work). setTimeout and clearTimeout are now hooked up but you can only hook up a client-side JavaScript function to the functionality. I may go ahead and set this up so that it can be used against a DLR Script function (one in your script tag).

The next thing I'll be looking at is IronRuby support.

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